Studio Podcast with Jack Hakimian


Jack Hakimian

Please choose the best time to record your podcast.
Email us at [email protected] the questions you would like for us to ask you, pictures and videos to present, and other helpful content to discuss related to the focus of this podcast. 
Please ensure you are in a quiet location with a good internet connection, webcam, and microphone.
The podcast will be around 30 minutes; we will spend the first 30 minutes testing microphones and lighting and getting to know each other as we review the questions so our podcast conversation can be natural, fun, and inspiring to others. View samples:
Watch this VIDEO for tips on how to prepare for the podcast conversation. 
We will use these conversational videos based on key questions/answers to create social media and website posts and establish your name and company as an industry authority.
These videos are an implicit means of marketing and winning the affection of potential prospects. The key is to be authentic and speak from the well of experience you have developed in your industry.
Scripts are not recommended unless you need the data for part of the conversation to read from quickly.
We recommend doing these recordings twice or at least once a month for one hour. We will take the recording and make several smaller topical videos for the Social media attention span. If you have problems, Call  (305) 501-4280 or email [email protected].
You have 4 hours before the meeting to reschedule or cancel.